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Fort Victoria Post Journal December 1848

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1848 December

      Friday 1st Decr  Overcast with slight drizzling rain in course of the forenoon, wind S. East.  We had the wool & hides shipped this evening on board of the Cowlitz all safe & dry & also a few skow loads of shingles.  People employed principally shipping cargo on board the Mary Dare & Cowlitz.  About 3pm an some Nisqually Indians arrived & brought a packet {of} letters from Dr. Tolmie. 

      Saturday 2nd  Blowing fresh from the South West.  The result of this week's work as regards farming & other improvements at this place is unimportant.  All our men having been employed about the shipping.  All her stores for the homeward voyage were to day shipped on board of the Cowlitz.  No trade except a few skins from the Skatchets, who arrivd yesterday. 

      Sunday 3rd  Had a heavy fall of snow on this morning, afterwards cleared up with the wind light from the North East.  Nothing remarkable. 

      Monday 4th  Keen frost over night with a heavy fall of snow in course of the day, wind North East.  All the hides & horns for exportation were shipped on board of the Cowlitz & some lumber shipped on board of the Mary Dare.  All hands were employed shipping cargo & performing other operations about the Estabt

      Tuesday 5th  Frosty weather still continues, wind northerly.  About 2 inches of snow now on the ground.  People employed much the same as yesterday.  About 11Am the Beaver arrived from Nisqually & brought a load of cattle & sows for this place & some provisions for the Bqu Cowlitz.  

      Wednesday 6th  Weather overcast in the evening & set in to snow at night, wind still from the Northd and Eastward.  Supplied the seamen homeward bound with supplies from the Sale Shop.  People employed as yesterday about the shipping, cutting wood Steamer &c.  The Bqu Cowlitz is now ready for sea, the seamen having this evening signed their accounts & the packet for London closed.   

      Thursday 7th Very rainy & sleety this morning but cleared up into a fine day about 10 Am when the Bqu Cowlitz  towe left for London via the Sandh Islands, towed towards Rocky point by the Beaver.  Some furs & oil were traded to day from the Whotlumies.  The two Songes chiefs were each made a present of a capot a blanket & a shirt. 

      Friday 8th Overcast with the wind from the N. East & snow over night. People employed  loading the Mary Dare with lumber & making up some bales for Vancouver. 

      Saturday 9 10 th Fine clear weather with some frost over night.  People employed the same as usual.  We have not much to show this week in the way of work about the place except getting the Cowlitz and Mary Dare ready for sea & having cut several cords of wood for the Steamer. 

      Sunday 110 th  Overcast with wind from the North East.  Nothing remarkable. 

      Monday 121 th Blowing a gale of wind from the South East, accompanied with heavy rain which continued almost all day.  Several packages of sundries were shipped to day on board the Beaver for Vancouver & Nisqually.  Almost all our hands were this morning sent to the Mill to assist in making ready the potatoe cellar & other work there. 

      Tuesday 132 th Beautiful weather with light variable winds.  Had some frost over night.  About 9AM the Steamer being ready to leave, Messrs Douglas & Work embarked & the Mary Dare having been taken along side for towing out started, th Messrs Douglas & Work for Nisqually & the Brig bound for the Sandh Islands was left by the Steamer @ Rocky point.  We had 2000 of the east side otters packed to day for Sitka. 11 beavers & otters were traded to day from some Whotlumies. Fenton with 5 of his men arrived in the afternoon with the mill crank which unfortunately broke this morning.  We have however got another to replace it. 

      Wednesday 13th  Had some frost over night.  Weather overcast during the day, wind light from the Eastward. Finished packing all the land otters on hand here for Sitka, which amt. to 4079 including those from the east side, they are however not as yet pressd.   People employed about the Stores & Indians with Thomas tying up the loose bundles of shingles. 

      Thursday 14th  Blowing a gale from the S.E. over night, showery with sleet all day.  We have now got all the land otters pressd & ready for shipment.  5 hands on the sick list.  No trade worth mentioning. 

      Friday 15th Cold weather with some snow, wind North E.  People employed cutting wood for Steamer.  Nothing remarkable. 

      Saturday 16th  Blowing fresh from the South West & very cold with frost.  People employed cutting wood for the Steamer.  The result of this week's work as follows:  the east side & west side otters packed and pressd for Sitka & 10 cords wood cut Steamer.  The most of our force were employed at the Mill during this week.  No trade. 

      Sunday 17th  Keen frost over night with some snow in course of the day.  Wind blowing fresh from the N.E. 

      Monday 18th  Keen frost still continues & snowing all day.  Wind Northerly & very cold.  People principally employed cutting wood for the Steamer & the carpenters preparing material for building a boat.  No trade.  Six of our men are now on the sick list with influensa & also several of the women. 

      Tuesday 19th  Very keen frost over night which continued very intense all day.  Wind blowing strong from the Northward.  People employed cutting & carting in wood use of the Estabt & attending the sick. No trade worth noticing.  The complaint which we have now got in the Fort appears to be spreading amongst the Indians. 

      Wednesday 20th  Severe frost still continues & the harbour is now coated over with ice.  Wind blowing fresh from the Northward.  People employed much the same as yesterday.  Several of them are now laid up with the influensa which I fear will spread & prove as severe in this quarter as last year.  No trade.  Three of our pigs having littered this evening had them housed in the pig stye.  McPhail found a cow with a young calf to day & others earlier than last year. 

      Thursday 21st Snowing all day night & for some time in course of the day.  Wind still from the Northward but the weather is much milder than yesterday.  Harvey, is with an assistant, raising oak knees & Gagnon & Lazard arranging the flooring in the men's houses and the others much the same as yesterday.  No trade. 

      Friday 22nd Wind veered to the North East this forenoon with a heavy fall of snow.  People employed as usual, carting wood & attending the sick.  No trade.  Slaughtered an ox & a pig to day which the people are to have on the approaching holidays. 

      Saturday 23  Had a heavy fall of snow in course of last night.  Mild weather throughout the day.  This week does not show much labor in the farming line performed, it having been mostly occupd in cutting firewood. No trade.  Killed another animal to day for our people & the Cadboro's crew. 

      Sunday 24th Blowing strong from the South West with occasional showers of sleet and rain.  About noon the Beaver arrived from Nisqually, Mr. C{hief} F{actor} Work passenger. 

      Monday 25th  Had some frost over night.  Weather alternately clear & cloudy during the day.  This being Xmas it was kept accordingly & the following rations above what they usually receive were served out to the people vizt: 1pt molasses, 1/2 pt rum, 6 lb fresh beef, 4 lb fresh pork & 1 lb flour.  The day passed away quietly enough except that I received a severe cut on the left hand in attempting to get a knife from Thomas the interpreter, who took hold of it with the intention of stabbing some of the men in a drunken row.  No other occurrence worthy of notice. 

      Tuesday 26th The weather is now getting much warmer & the snow is gradually disappearing.  The people employed discharging lumber from the Steam Vessel.  No trade. 

      Wednesday 27th  Blowing strong from the South West with occasional showers.  The people employed shipping cargo & stores on board the Beaver.  All the land otters for Sitka were safely shipped this forenoon.  12 men on the sick list with the prevailing complaint of oppression of the chest, headache &c. 

      Thursday 28  Overcast & mild weather.  Our people were all this day shipping wood on board the Beaver.  Late in the evening two of the mill men arrived with the saw considerably bent.  Some of the iron work binding it having given way, which will stop it for several days. 

      Friday 29th  Blowing fresh from the South West with occasional showers of rain.  Our men employed to day shipping firewood on board of the Beaver & forging a new crank for the Saw Mill.  The Indians are now busy with their annual ceremonies & bring little or nothing for trade. 

      Saturday 30th  Weather overcast with a light breeze from the Eastward.  The crank for the Saw Mill had been forged yesterday with much trouble & the blacksmith is to day employed making a new fixture for the mill saw to replace the broken one.  The principal work performed this week was the cutting wood for & shipping wood on board the Beaver.  The people were allowed the same extra rations for the coming New Year as they were allowed last Saturday for Christmas.  12 of our men have been on the sick list this week. Lazard with an assistant had the frame of a new winng machine put up in course of the week.  Trade at present entirely a dead letter.  The Beaver is now ready to leave Northd but will now remain until after the New Year. 

      Sunday 31st Weather generally clear and frosty with a fresh breeze from the Northward.  Nothing remarkle.                     

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