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Fort Victoria Post Journal October 1848

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1848 October

      Sunday 1st October  Fine pleasant weather with a fresh breeze from the South West.  Nothing remarkable. 

      Monday 2nd  Had some hoar frost over night, clear pleasant weather throughout the day.  Had the Cadboro dischd & is now ready to leave for Nisqually.  Sent two extra men this morning to the Mill.  People employed about the place ploughg, thrashg grain for seed &c. No trade. 

      Tuesday 3rd  Fine pleasant weather with a fresh breeze from the North.  Early this morning the Cadboro left for Nisqually & brought letters for that place and Vancr.  Mr. Peers  went on to Nisqually as passenger by her.  We had the east side otters beat & aired to day.  People employed ploughg &c as yesterday.  Thomas with 8 Indians was sent this morning to the Mill to assist Fenton in placing the sills of the Grist Mill. 

      Wednesday 4th  Beautiful weather.  People employed the same, finishd airing & dustg the east side otters.  Paid a visit to the mill party & found every thing going on well.  No trade worth mentioning. 

      Thursday 5th  Overcast with a few drops of rain.  A few raccoons, rats & minks with some oil & dried salmon were traded to day from Tlalums.  Operations the same except two sawyers who are sawing battens fur box, Harvey & his asst. raising oak knees for the buildings & Louis Satakarata with three Indians thrashg grain for seed.  Napoleon Dease, who came as passenger Cadboro from Langley was put in our Estabt yesty & is now assisting Gagnon making bed steads & ch tables. 

      Friday 6th  Fine pleasant weather with a light breeze from the Northward.  People employed much the same as usual.  Had a gang of 3 men & some Indians beating the hides.  No trade worth noticing. 

      Saturday 7th  Beautiful weather with light variable winds. The week's operations as follows: 20 acres of land ploughd, the hides beat & aired, the wool bales repaired & some articles of furniture made house No 3.  In the forenoon 11 canoes of Cape Flattery Indians arrived & brought 7 sea otters & 100 gns. of oil for trade.  14 hands & all our Indian lads were this week employed at the Mill. 

      Sunday 8th  Weather serene & beautiful & with light airs from the Northd & Westwd.  Nothing remarkable. 

      Monday 9th  Fine warm weather with thick fog in the morning.  7 sea otters were traded from the Cape Flattery Indians to day, 2 land otters & some other furs from Kawitchins and Tlalums. People employed much the same as last week. 

      Tuesday 10th  Smoky & dry weather with light airs.  People employed at their usual occupations.  No trade worth noticing.  We are now busy preparing our annual accounts the invty to be taken on the 20th of this month. 

      Wednesday 11th  Foggy & close weather, same yesterday.  People employed ploughing & harrowing.  We began this morning to sow the first of our fall wheat.  Lazard putting oak knees to the beams of the big house.  Harvey with 3 assistants making new skow.  About 1pm the Beaver made her appearance from the North with Mr. C{hief} F{actor} Work as passenger.  Intelligence from that quarter is upon the whole favorable. 

      Thursday 12th  Alternately foggy and clear with light variable winds, had a few drops of rain in the afternoon.  People employed cutting wood for the Steamer, discharging coals from do, sowing wheat & harrowing.  24 bus. of fall wheat are now sown, being to day & yesty's work.  An ox has this evening been slaughtered, for the Steamer's crew.  Some furs were landed this afternoon being her trade from Ft. Simpson Southwards. 

      Friday 13th  Generally overcast with heavy rain in the evening & a strong North Westerly wind.  People employed much the same as yesterday, cutting wood for the Steamer &c.  90 gns. oil & a few small furs were traded from Kawhn.  12 bus. wheat were sown & harrowed to day.


      Saturday 14th  Raining for the greater part of the night, weather beautifully clear throughout the day.  Week's work as follows: 24 acres of land sown with wheat and harrowed,  the skow planked on the sides & partly pitched & caulked, 22 cords wood cut Steamer &  sundry other work about the Estabt done.  11 hands @ the Mill.  About 7 AM the Beaver left for Nisqually to tow the Cadboro to this place, Mr. C{hief} F{actor} Douglas being expected.  No trade worth mentioning.  6 bus. wheat were sown & harrowed this forenoon. 

      Sunday 15th  Weather beautifully clear with light variable winds.  Nothing remarkable transpired. 

      Monday 16th Keen frost over night succeeded by a fine pleasant day, wind light from the Northward.  People employed much the same as last week vizt: ploughing, harrowg, making new skow & beating the Steamer's furs.  Nothing done in the way of trade. 

      Tuesday 17  Had some frost over night, fine clear weather throughout the day.  People employed as yesterday.  Cape Flattery Kaau with two canoes arrived this evening & brought some sea otters & a few gns. oil for trade.  Were employed to day taking the inventory of the goods remg on hand for trade at the place, pursuant to orders from the Bd of Managt to have our a/cs closed on the 20th inst. 

      Wednesday 18  Fine pleasant weather but partially overcast.  People employed as usual, ploughg &c. 2 sea otters were traded from the Cape Flatteries who arrived yesterday. 

      Thursday 19th Overcast with rain in the evening.  Operations in hand same as yesterday.  The new skow is now finished.  12 bus. of wheat & 1 bus. timothy sown & harrowed to day, 4 large logs were squared for hauling up. The Mary Dare here for repairs. No trade worth noticing. 

      Friday 20th  Overcast with occasional heavy showers of rain. People employed the same.  13 1/2 bus. wheat sown & 1 bus. timothy seed.  We are now busy closing our a/cs for the year.  No word of the Mary Dare which is now considerably beyond her time from Cola River. 

      Saturday 21st  Alternately clear and cloudy with some few light showers of rain.  People employed much the same as yesterday.  5 1/2 bus. wheat & 1/2 bus. timothy were sown and harrowed in course of the day.  The result of the week's work as follows: 15 acres of land ploughed & harrowed, part of Ogden's fields cleared & made ready for seed, the skow finished off & launched, about 20 of the fur box plank straight edged & a few groved flooring of Granary, the men's houses plastered for the winter & sundry other minor jobs performed about the Establishment by the men & Indians. 

      Sunday 22nd  Overcast with some heavy showers of rain, wind blowing strong from the Eastward.  About 8 AM the Steam Vessel arrived from Nisqually having C{hief} Factors Douglas & Work as passengers with Captain Mott, Messrs. Peers & Charles and eight men.  No other occurrence transpired worthy of notice. 

      Monday 23rd  Raining heavily all night, weather generally cloudy throughout the day with occasional showers of rain.  Sent 4 men & 10 Indians with our interpreter to the Mill this morning, to raise the beams & posts of the Grist Mill.  12 bus. of wheat were sown to day in Ogden's fields.  Had one of our steers slaughtered to day use of the Establishment. 

      Tuesday 24th  Mild weather with a light breeze from the South East.  People employed as yesterday.  9 bus. wheat were sown & harrowd. Mr. Douglas and I paid a visit to the mill party to day & found matters getting on well there.  All the men who arrived with Mr. Douglas were set to work here this morning except two Sandh Islanders who are sick. 

       Wednesday 25th Fine pleasant weather with a light breeze from the Northward.  About 8 AM the Beaver left this {place} for Fort Langley, having Messrs. Douglas and Work, Captain Mott, Messrs Peers & Charles as passengers.  5 of the men who arrived with Mr. Douglas also left for Langley.  12 bus. wheat were sown to day in Ogden's fields.  We had all the furs we have got [those] in store aired & beat to day, preparatory to a final packing for England.  Napoleon Dease who had deserted from the N{ew} Caledonia Brigade has this morning been punished as he deserved. 

      Thursday 26th  Had thick fog this morning succeeded by a few light showers of rain.  People employed as usual.  12 bus. wheat were sown & harrowed in course of the day.  We are now preparing materials for heaving down the Mary Dare for repairs. 

      Friday 27th Raining almost all day with a strong breeze from the Eastward.  Operations in hand going on as yesterday.  12 bushels of wheat were sown & harrowed, two hands were squaring posts and beams for the fur box. 

      Saturday 28th  Blowing strong from the South East with heavy rain over night, fine pleasant weather throughout the day.  The principal results of the week's work are as follows: 30 acres of land sown & harrowed, 100 plank fur box straight edged, the Langley salmon barrels coopered & partly pickled, about 10 bus. wheat thrashed & sundry iron work made by the blacksmith.  6 bus. wheat were sown & harrowd to day being the last of our fall wheat making in all this autumn 124 bus.  No trade. 

      Sunday 29th  Had some frost over night, fine pleasant weather in course of the day.  Some of the people who were out on the plains to day caught one of the Indians who had been slaughtering our cattle for some time back, whom we secured for the night with hand cuffs. 

      Monday 30th  Keen frost over night, weather overcast throughout the day with rain in the evening.  At 8 Am I had the Indian who was apprehended yesty seized up to one of the trees in the yard & gave him 3 doz. lashes.  Kept him within the stockade until the afternoon & then let him go.  People employed principally as last week per labor book.  No trade. 

      Tuesday 31st  Slight drizzling rain all day with the wind light from the N.E.  Dupuis employed opening drills in the wheat fields.  The two ox drivers after having hauled out the wood required at present for the Mary Dare and fur box let go their oxen to recruit for a while on the plains & they themselves were employed for the rest of the day opening drains in the fields behind.  The others employed much the same as yesterday.  A few trifles were traded to day from Songes.  To morrow being All Saints' Day we had an ox killed & taken in to be served out as servants' extra allowance & they are to keep the day as a holiday according to custom. 

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