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Fort Victoria Post Journal June 1848

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1848 June

      Thursday 1st June  Fine pleasant weather with a light breeze from the South West.  People employed as follows:  Beauchamp & Bates in the forge repairing ploughs, Deroche making a cart, Lazard, Gabriel, Trudelle roofing Blacksmith's Shop, Gagnon repairing wood work of ploughs, Keave & Friday raising oak knees roof of No. 3, Kaau and Kanome sawing & the rest as usual.  Bole on the sick list with the dysentery.  No trade. 

      Friday 2nd  Blowing strong from the South West with clear weather.  People employed as yesterday.  No trade worth mentioning.  The Natives have not as yet recovered from the complaints attending the measles, some being dying off daily. Bole is still laid up with the dysentery. 

      Saturday 3rd  Fine warm weather with a light breeze from the Southd and Eastward.  The week's work is as follows:  the Blacksmith's Shop nearly roofed, 1 cart made by Deroche, a quantity of stones blasted & carted in to the Ft. powder magazine, sundry iron work made & repaired by Beauchamp, assisted by Bates, the mill party were principally employed laying the foundation water wheel & clearing away rubbish from the Mill, 2 spars Bqu Cowlitz sqd at the Mill & hauled out.  Bole still on the sick list.  20 oak knees raised to the roof of 3. 

      Sunday 4th Raining for some time over night, fine pleasant weather throughout the day. Nothing remarkable

      Monday 5th  Fine clear weather during the forenoon & rain in the evening.  People employed as last week: the Smithy is now roofed & the {sic} Beauchamp fairly underway in it assisted by Bates

      Tuesday 6th  Raining heavily during last night,  fine pleasant weather throughout the day.  Lazard, Gabriel, Trudelle and Deroche were to day employed adjusting the shingles on House No. 3, they having shrunk very much & got loose for the last three years, the other buildings roofed with large shingles will have to undergo the same repairs. Minie came over from the Mill this evening with his wife who is very dangerously ill with the prevailing complaint here after the measles, an inflammation of the lungs. 

      Wednesday 7th  Overcast with occasional showers. People employed as yesterday. About 10 AM Minie 's wife departed this life, after a long illness.  About Noon Messrs. Sangster & Mott arrived from Vancr via Nisqually & brought the disastrous news of the total loss of the Barque Vancouver, on the Columbia bar on the 7th of last month.  Mr. Sangster with a crew of seven seamen & Mr. Mott are to refit the Cadboro for the transport service to & from Fts. Langley & Nisqually.  We had an ox slaughtered this evening use of the seamen. 

      Thursday 8th Fine pleasant weather with light variable airs.  People employed the same.  The remains of Minie 's wife were this morng consigd to the tomb. The Nisqually Indians who arrived with Mr. Sangster returned this morg

      Friday 9th  Overcast with occasional showers.  People employed repairing the roofs of the big houses, pit sawing &c as labor book.  Some oil and other trifles were traded to day from Sanetch.  The Cadboro crew are putting up the rigging & caulking the vessel. 

      Saturday 10th  Fine pleasant weather with a fresh breeze from the South West.  The result of the week's work as follows: House No. 3 reshingled & House No. 4 reshingled behind, 72 boards 12ft long sawn, several loads of stones carted powder magazine & sundry other jobs performed about the Estabt. The dwelling house at the Mill removed to another site, the former site having been too near the Saw Mill. Trade of no consequence, not worthy of notice.  This morning sent some letters to Mr. Yale by a canoe bound for Langley. 

      Sunday 11th  Beautiful weather with large fleecy clouds passing Northwards.  Nothing remarkable.   

      Monday 12th  Serene and beautiful with light variable airs.  People employed reshingling House No. 4 and Store No. 3, the latter is to be roofed with small shingles.  Beauchamp making some iron work for the Saw Mill & 6in. covering nails dwelling house there.  A few Kawitchins arrived in course of the day but brought nothing for trade except a few cockles & cod fish.  Our oil trade is far short of last year's, owing to the sickness amongst the Natives. 

      Tuesday 13th  Fine pleasant weather & blowing strong from the South West.  People employed shingling No. 3 & clearing & hoeing potatoes.  No trade.   

      Wednesday 14th  Generally overcast with some rain in the afternoon.  People employed as yesty except Lecuyer who was hoeing potatoes with the plough.  15 martens and a land otter were traded from some Kawitchins.  Beauchamp still employed making ironworks for the Saw Mill. 

      Thursday 15th  Overcast with some rain.  Early this morning Mr. C{hief} T{rader} Anderson with a party of 20 men arrived from Ft. Langley, two of whom are to remain at this place and six are to proceed to Vancouver by the Cadboro. Late in the evening the Revd M. Veyret attached to Archbishop Blanchet's Mission arrived from Nisqually & brought a letter from Dr. Tolmie.  People employed as usual.  The Cadboro, having been refitted has been this evening taken along side the Steamer's Wharf & is now ready to receive cargo Captain Sangster & crew have removed from here on board, they having been lodged in the Ft. since their arrival. 

      Friday 16th  Raining almost all day with light variable airs.  People employed as yesty.  Several packages with 300 bus. salt were shipped to day on board the Cadboro

      Saturday 17th  Raining all night with occasional showers during the day. Week's work as follows:  House No. 3 reshingled & Store No. 3 shingled with small shingles, the cargo for Nisqually shipped on board the Cadboro, 50 boards of 1 in. 11ft long sawn, the Dairy gravelled, the half of the potatoe field hoed & sundry iron works made in the forge. 5 beaver traded to day from the Whotlumies. 

      Sunday 18th  Blowing strong from the South West with clear pleasant weather. M The Revd  Mons. Veyert read prayers to the people at which all attended & in the evening was teaching the Natives. Some Sokes & Tlalums arrived in course of the day.  No trade 

      Monday 19th  Beautiful weather with light variable airs.  Louis Dubeau & Henri Dechamp have been this morning taken on the Ft. Victoria Estabt, the latter went to the Mill with Mr. Fenton & the former is now employed ploughing with oxen in Ogden's fields, which we began this morning.  The others employed principally as last week.  No trade.  About 9 AM Mr. C{hief} T{rader} Anderson left this {place} for Langley, previous to his departure one of his men deserted & is not as yet found. 

      Tuesday 20th  Fine pleasant weather with light variable airs.  Early this morning the Cadboro Captain Sangster left for Nisqually.  Letters for Vancr & that place were sent by her.  All the Vancr men who came from Langley with Mr. Anderson went as passengers by the Cadboro.  Antoine Gagnon also from this place, went as passenger with two of his children whom he wishes to leave at the Wallamette for education. 

      Wednesday 21st  Fine pleasant weather with light variable airs.  People employed as yesterday except two men who were employed making hay for the first time this season. Being informed by the Revd Mr. Veyret that tomorrow is a greatand fast day with the Catholics, it must of course be set apart kept as such by our people. 

      Thursday 22 Fine weather as yesterday.  This being a fast day, no work was performed. The men attended mass in the priest's house.  Several Skatchets arrived in course of the day & traded a few skins. 

      Friday 23rd  Clear pleasant weather & blowing strong from the Westward.  4 hands were to day employed making hay & the rest as usual. Little or nothing done in the way of trade.  The Revd Monsr Veyret handed me this evening a document shewing the numbers of days usually kept as fast days by Catholics for the purpose of letting us know that our people should not work on those days. 

      Saturday 24th Weather clear and pleasant as yesty. A few martens & bear skins were traded from Skatchets.  The week's work as follows: a quantity of hay mowed, the roof of No. 3 completed, & part of House No. 1 shingled with 36 in. shingles, the half of the potatoe field hoed & weeded, 4 acres of new land ploughed & sundry ironworks made Farm & Mill, 2 ploughs repd with 1 cart. Operations at the Mill not correctly ascertained but are as well as usual. 

      Sunday 25th  Beautiful weather with light variable airs.  Nothing remarkable.  The deserter from the New Caledonia Brigade has not as yet made his appearance & is supposed to have been concealed by the seamen on board the Cadboro & gone to Nisqually.   

      Monday 26th  Beautiful weather with light variable winds.  Men employed as labor book  making hay, ploughing &c.  Four of our men with several women are confined to the house with the influensa which appeared here a few days ago.  No trade. The Revd Monsr Veyret left this morng w for Kawitchin & is to return in a few days hence. 

      Tuesday 27th  Very warm weather.  People employed as usual.  Lemon, Keave & Kaau on the sick list with the influensa, which is now very prevalent here.  Nothing now doing in the way of trade.  Had the Victoria & Steamer's furs dusted & aired in course of the day. 

      Wednesday 28th  Dry & warm.  People employed the same.  No trade.  Okaia, Baker & Kaau are confined to the house with the influensa. The Revd Monsr Veyret returned this morning from his Kawitchin trip. 

      Thursday 29th  Weather still continues fine & warm.  The Revd Monsr Veyret having ordered all Catholics to keep this as a fast day was kept accordingly & no work was performed.  No strange arrivals & consequently no trade.  The same numbers of men as yesty on the sick list. 

      Friday 30th Heat very oppressive.  The people employed as on Wednesday, except Harvey who was to day repairing one of the skows.  The Cadboro's jolly boat is now repaired by him & is ready for Captain Sangster for the Langley trip.  Many of the Natives are now ill with the influensa, consequently we get nothing from them in the provision line.  

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