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Victoria Post Journal December 1846

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1846 December

      Tuesday 1st  December  Beautiful weather with light airs from the Northd.  Early this morning, the Beaver with the Columbia in tow left the harbour.  Men employed as usual.  Sagoyawatha & Garipie being having been emplyd as wood cutters on board the Beaver joined that vessel last night.  Ebony & Bahia Sandh Islanders are in the meantime working in their stead.  The last part of the furs Ot. 46 has been packed this evening as & as soon as the fur box is up will be shipped on board. 

      Wednesday 2nd   Alternately clear & cloudy with a light Northerly breeze in course of the forenoon.  5 hands were sent this morning to assist in watering the Vancouver. Our carters & Indians were as usual employed ballasting her.  That operation is now completed.  Had some hands employed dusting the & packing the Nisqually sheep skins.  A Tlalum canoe arrived in course of the day but brought nothing for trade.  

      Thursday 3rd   Keen frost during last night, a little snow also fell, being the first this season. Wind light from the SW.  Ouamtany with four of our Indians were this morning sent to assist in watering the Vancr in addition to the five hands already so employed.  Had all disposable hands about the place shipping furs on board the Vancr: the two scows were employed in the afternoon & we got all the casks with the half of the total No. of bales safely shipped on board.  Some of the Vancr crew were to day on shore taking some supplies from the Shop. 

      Friday 4th  Wind North N. East with snow in course of the night & for the greater part of the day.  The wetness of the weather prevented our shipping any furs to day.   The oil & whalebone were however shipped.  A few Skatchets arrived in course of the day but brought very little for trade.  

      Saturday 5th  Keen frost overnight, clear weather during the day with light winds  from N. N. West.  Had all the furs shipped on board the Vancr to day with some bales of wool.  The people having been employed principally stowing, shipping cargo & watering the Vancr, there is little work to enter that was performed this week, except the iron two wing machines Ft. Nisqually weighing in  14 lb & 25 boards sawn by the sawyers. Some few furs were traded to day from the Whotlumie chief who arrived yesterday. 

      Sunday 6th  Keen frost over night, weather throughout the day generally clear with light winds from North [&] Eastwd. This day passed away quietly as usual.  

      Monday 7th  Had heavy rain over night with heavy squalls from the Eastwd & South East.  Weather throughout the day showery with South West & South East winds. Were busy to day shipping salt provisions on board the Vancr. for the Woahoo market & having had a short interval of dry weather in the afternoon some bales of wool were shipped on board for England.   Men principally employed shipping cargo & cutting wood for & getting water for the Vancouver.  Cape Flattery Kaau made his appearance here this forenoon having arrived in course of last night. Oil is the principal article of traffic now brought by him. 

      Tuesday 8th  Hoar frost over night, weather generally cloudy throughout the day, with a fresh breeze from the S. S-East.  Some few skins were traded to day, from Skatchets. Our people employed as yesterday, shipping various packages on board the Vancr, getting water for that ship & carting her wood.  4 hands were cutting wood for Steamer.  About 3 PM the Beaver arrived from Nisqually with 36 head of horned cattle. She brought no intelligence of the York Factory Express. 

      Wednesday 9th  Weather overcast with rain over night, wind light from the Northd.  Our people employed as yesty, getting the Vancr ready for sea & 6 hands cutting wood for Steamer. No trade.  

      Thursday 10th  Showery with light winds from the Southd & Eastward.  Men still employed getting the Steamer & Vancr ready for sea.  These operations much retard the business of the place.  Some skins & oil were traded from Skatchets & Maccaas.  

      Friday 11th  Had a little frost over night, weather generally overcast thro with a light air from the Northd.  800 bushs. salt were shipped to day on board the Beaver for Langley.  Almost every thing is now on board the Vancr & that ship will be ready for sea about 10 o'clock to morrow morning.  Spence with Ait Gagnon & Minie commenced cutting timbers for a New Ship intended to be built here. 

      Saturday 12th  Beautiful weather with a strong breeze from the Northd during the afternoon.  Early this morning all our men were employed getting the Vancr under way & shipping wood for the Steamer.  About 10 AM. all being ready & all the packages & despatches for London being on board she left this harbour for that port, towed by the Steamer as far as Rocky point.  Messrs C{hief} F{actor} Douglas & C{hief} T{rader} Work accompanied the Vancr as far as Rocky point & returned in the evening on board the Steamer.  Nothing done in the way of trade.  The result of our work on shore here this week is but trifling, all hands having been employed shipping the furs & getting the ship ready for sea.   

      Sunday 13th  Wind Northerly & snowing almost all day.  Had prayers read by Mr. Douglas.  

      Monday 14th  Had a little frost & more snow over night the snow on the ground now is 2 inches deep.  Early this morning the Steamer left for Fort Langley having Messrs Douglas & Work as passengers.  Francois Gravelle one of our men also left to join Mr. Yale.  Men employed putting up fences, pit sawing, carting wood & hauling out logs fences.  Were busy all day taking the inventories of the Depot & post.   Traded 5 large beaver & 2 wolverines fishers from the Songes Chief.  Being now clear of the shipping business we shall be enabled to get on better with our own work than we have done for some time back. 

      Tuesday 15th  Fine pleasant weather, wind Easterly. Had some rain in the evening.  8 hands were cutting wood for Steamer.  Allard & Lazard making cart wheels, Spence with 3 hands raising oak for New Ship & 4 men sawing. Tarpaulin and Kamakeea sick list. Were busy all this day taking the inventory. 

      Wednesday 16  Heavy rain over night with the wind still from the Eastd. The snow has now entirely disappeared & the weather is considerably milder.  Men employed as yesterday.   Nothing done in the way of trade.  

      Thursday 17th  Fine mild weather with light variable airs. The people employed as yesterday, cutting wood Steamer, raising oak & pit sawing.  No trade.   

      Friday 18 Overcast with light variable airs from the Northd & Eastd.   Had some heavy rain over night.  The people employed the same.  No trade.  We have now 28 cords wood cut for the Steamer & carried down to the water side.  

      Saturday 19th Mild weather with some light airs from the Eastd.  This week also does not show much work done about the Establishment, the men being principally employed cutting wood for the Steamer.  About 50 oak timbers for the ship have been hewn in the woods by John Spence & three hands.  We are still busy with our accounts & expect to have all ready by the time the Steamer arrives. 

      Sunday 20th  Had some heavy showers this morning, after which the day turned out fine with a light breeze from the South East.  About 3 pm the Beaver made her appearance from Fort Langley & left the Sand-heads of Fraser's River this morning, where she remained at anchor during last night. The inhabitants of that post were left in good health & doing well.  

      Monday 21st  Had a strong gale from the South East last night with some heavy showers during the day.  Began at our accounts again very early this morning & are now ready for shipment on board the Steamer for Nisqually being handed over to Mr. C{hief} F{actor} Douglas for that purpose.  The people employed squaring logs for saw, raising oak & performing other duties about the Estabt, all our Indians shipping wood on board the Steamer.  

      Tuesday 22  Overcast with heavy rain in the evening, wind light from the South East.  All hands were employed as yesterday, squaring logs for the saw & raising oak for New Ship.  Charpentier crossed his oxen in the skow to the other side where he was employed all day hauling out logs. Early this morning the steam vessel left for Nisqually with Messrs. Douglas & Work as passengers. 

      Wednesday 23  Generally clear with a strong breeze from the Eastward.   9 men were to day straight edging boards flooring, 4 pit sawing & the others as usual.  No trade worth noticing.  The Songes are now busy with their annual "Medicine" ceremonies & we have consequently much difficulty to get the hired hands to attend to their work. 

      Thursday 24th  Had light frost last night, weather continued dry throughout the day with a heavy gale from the Eastward.  We had the Nisqually sheep examined to day & found they had no teeth, which accounts for the leanness of the mutton, 10 of them were killed for the people.  We had a gang of men on the other side to day, hauling out logs for the saw.  To morrow being Christmas the men were allowed 1 lb flour, 6lb mutton, 1 bl molasses as extra rations.   29 crooks of oak are now cut for New Vessel.  Some more had been hewn but were found rotten in the heart. 

      Friday 25th  Fine pleasant weather with a little frost over night.  Wind light from the Eastward.  The men were enjoying Christmas but were rather riotous at night, especially Coté whom I had to check repeatedly. He has this evening left this Estabt with the intention of taking up his abode with the Natives in defiance of my orders and the Rules of the Service.  

      Saturday 26  The people were to day employed carrying up boards from the sawpit for the flooring of the New Stores & began laying them down, two winng grain & the others at various jobs. Coté did not make his appearance with the others this morng to receive his orders but kept loitering away in the Indian lodges.  Week's work as follows: 123 logs for the saw sqd & hauled out of woods, 50 rafted across to the sawpit, 40 boards 12ft long sawn, about 100 bushs wheat passed through the fanners, some oak crooks New Ship cut, the number not ascertained.  The weather to day has been mild and pleasant, with light airs from the S.S. East. 

      Sunday 27th  Had pretty hard frost during last night, weather cool but not disagreeable throughout the day.  Had a light breeze from the N.E. No occurrence of any note except that Master Coté came and acknowledged his late misconduct this morning.   

      Monday 28th  Raining almost all day with a fresh breeze from the South East.  I had an excursion to day on the plains behind to examine the oak cut for the New Vessel & took an account of the different pieces.  The men were to day employed as labor book, hauling & rafting logs flooring No. 6, pit sawing & cutting oak New Vessel.  The last party only cut 1 floor timber & 2 knees for the beam, they had felled several trees which were found decayed in the heart. No trade. 

      Tuesday 29th  Keen frost over night, beautiful weather throughout the day, with light winds from the Northd & Westward.  The people were employed as yesterday & nothing transpired out of the ordinary routine of affairs.  4 floor timbers & 3 first futtocks New Ship were found after much difficulty to day.  

      Wednesday 30  Had some hard frost during last night. Wind througt the day blowing fresh from the Eastwd with a little rain in the evening.   6 hands were to day squaring oak & the rest employed as yesterday.  All the land otters for Sitka remg here, were dried & packed in the Hall to day.  This morning a Skatchet chief arrived with some followers & brought a few furs which are as not yet traded.  McPhail found one of the mares with a young foal to day on the plains.  

      Thursday 31st The frost still continues at night, weather generally clear with occasional showers & blowing a gale from the S. West.  All hands employed as yesterday except Minie whom we were obliged to keep working in the forge. Lazard took his place cutting oak.   10 beaver, 1 land otter & other small furs were traded to day from the Skatchets who arrived yesterday. This evening the people were allowed the same extra rations of mutton, flour & molasses as on xmas eve.           

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